LinkedIn seminar review – The changing face of networking

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On Tuesday this week I attended the Internet World Expo and as always I had the objective of finding one or two new idea or technologies that would be transferable to the property industry and be of use to our partners.

I was particularly looking forward to hearing a key-note speaker, Kevin Eyres – Managing Director Europe at LinkedIn, with a seminar entitled ‘The Changing Face of Networking’. The blurb read: How is social media and online networking changing business, entrepreneurship, hiring and innovation.

So I was expecting an insight into the future – what can we expect? – how will we be networking in the future? – What are LinkedIn doing to stay ahead of the pack?

Sadly I was disappointed. That’s not to say I didn’t think Kevin was a good speaker, he presented well and was the kind of person you’d like to drill some questions at to find out what is really happening at the sharp end of SM platform development. Unfortunately for me, he spent almost the entire session talking about how LinkedIn is being used for recruitment and to me it clearly showed where their focus is.

They have three income streams

  1. Premium or paid accounts – minimal income
  2. Advertising – A growing revenue source for them
  3. Premium recruitment models – Main priority

Now you might be thinking that I didn’t need to go to the seminar to know this, and you would be right. What the seminar did for me was underline jut how single-minded they are at the moment in term of making the site work for recruiters and not so much on innovating – just my opinion.

One really amazing statistic  he did share was that every 10-12 days there are a million new accounts open!

If they had been focussed on developments, he might have shown the new ‘Company Follow’ feature, which has appeared over the last week almost unannounced and is another tool which companies need to ensure they are on top of. My next post will explain how this works.

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