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| July 2, 2010 | 3 Comments

I was asked today by a friend who’s just got their first iPhone, which property related apps I have/recommend. So I figured rather than just send him a list I would list them here and send him a link

So here they are:-

The first two, I use to keep up with all my property news and to be in touch with fellow professionals:


WordPress- to enable me to keep on top of my blog whilst on the move

Then there are the main portal apps:-

(soon to add another here…)

iProperty UK – a tidy little property search app using the Nestoria search engine. Has a few nice features but is not the best aesthetically.

Mouseprice – what you’d expect from mouseprice. Its a good app and I’m pretty sure I’d find it really useful if I was an agent on the move.

Layar – layer is an augmented reality app that almost act as a host application for other applications to operate. These apps are referred to as layers and there are a few layers that I have (more info on augmented reality apps here)

House detective
Free average price data 2010
Find a property (not to be confused with TDPG)
UK house hunter

Home 3D – this app allows you to create foot plans that can then be converted for use elsewhere. Not sure I’d use it as an agent but I downloaded it to try it out.

There are also a few individual agent apps that I have downloaded to see what quality of apps are out there being marketed directly by agents (Hamptons, WA Ellis, Knight Frank).

I have a couple of American agent apps, mainly because they are  normally ahead of the UK when it comes to technology and so I can see what new ideas they are introducing for their apps.

Finally I have a really cool golf game, obviously because all property people need a round of golf every now and again.

Please share below any others that you recommend we should add to the list.

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  1. Ed says:

    Hi Ben,

    Ed from Nestoria here. Nice list. One thing – there are several apps that use our data.

    We recommend Sten Hiedel’s excellent UK Property app. http://sten.hiedel.ee/ukproperty/

    On a related note we have quite a few other tools that might be interesting for either property searchers or webmasters.


    Enjoy. All feedback welcome.

  2. housingdabble says:

    Hi Ed,

    Thanks for the post and sharing the Stan Heidel app which I have now added to my property folder.

    Had a look at your tools too and almost find it difficult to know where to start! nice work


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