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| July 22, 2010 | 2 Comments

There have recently been some interesting initiatives that leverage ‘Microsoft Surface technology’ to create a brand new kind of customer experience – Probably best described as a huge iPad.

At Phoenix we are in the process of delivering iPad presentations to estate agents allowing them to use it to facilitate an interactive market appraisal appointment. Imagine though, if you turned up to a property and they had this in their lounge and you then used it to show them how to find a property…

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  1. Very good Ben.

    My concern however is that the gimmicky side of things will alienate quite a few here.

    The USP here is the touch screen which I think clients will get used to over coming years and already some of the technology is quite common place. However certain elements of this will just fly over some clients heads and may make agents look a little too slick.

    I think REAs have to be aware of this sort of technology but harness it alongside traditional methods as well. Clients will still want to walk out with property details in their hand for example (though the information transfer to the blackberry did look pretty impressive!)

    The winner over the next couple of decades will be the agent with a technological head but who remembers what it is like to be a client and their needs.

    Great video though.


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