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Last week we introduced Pinterest and gave an overview of how quickly it is gaining traction as a very credible social media site. But as with all social media, rather than just jumping on the bandwagon it is right for agents to consider how/why they would use it to enhance the marketing and development of their business, so here are a few tips and ideas on how Pinterest might help your lettings or estate agency business


As we wrote last week, Pinterest has a huge amount of daily page impressions and as a result is ranked right up there as a credible traffic source. Therefore it will be indexed constantly by search engines. The more items people post on their boards that link to your website, the more your site will benefit not only from traffic but possibly from rank quality scores too.

Stand out

Part of your brand includes the things you stand for as a business, and this is a very subtle way in which you can define these often lighthearted sides to your business. It maybe that you have a board for each member of staffs hobbies, or maybe the charities you support. By building a picture of what you stand for you will allow other in to your circle and it gives them a chance to connect with your brand.


According to the 2011Property Academy Home Moving Trends survey, the joint top reason why a vendor asks an estate agent to value their home is that the agent sell similar properties to the one they are selling. So whilst you can’t always have an ongoing display of sold properties on your web site, you may well have a board or two on Pinterest that show typical properties you sell – they don’t even have to be properties you have sold, just the typical style people should associate your business and brand to.


Assuming you use website analytics reports, you will see the websites and pages that referred traffic to you. Facebook referrals do not give you any insight into the actual content that sent people to your site because they go through a script page (like ‘l.php’) so the referral path shows you nothing. With Pinterest, however, Analytics will tell you which item of content earned the referral click and allow you to click through and see that item on Pinterest. This allows you to interact with (thank, for example) people who promote your content and build some valuable connections.

Be different

I never think it should be the only reason you use new tools, but there has to be something to be said for being first to do something. As there is very little risk in using a free web site to experiment with building connections and web traffic, being first to do this and looking to the outside world as a company that discovers where trends are heading can’t be a bad thing.

Link it up

As with many social media sites, they have made it easy to share the same information across multiple platforms. Signing into Pinterest with Facebook will link your Facebook timeline to your Pinterest posts. This means your Facebook friends will be able to see your Pinning activity and click through to see your Pins, which hopefully will have some connection with your business, your brand and the type of ‘stuff’ you want to be associated with. You can also very easily tweet your pins once you have pinned them.

Make it easy

Pinterest offers two widget buttons. One is a Pin It button, which you embed into your web content. This allows your website visitors to click the button and Pin your content to one of their Boards. The other button is a ‘Follow me on Pinterest’ button, which lets you send people to your collection of boards.  

We are local

Many agents are flying this flag and Pinterest gives you a great chance to build on this by posting images and content that is connected to your local area. For a good example of an agent that is already doing this, take a look at the Young London Pinterest page.

Ideas for boards you could create:

  • Tell the story of your town or city
  • Home Styles & Architecture
  • Historic Locations
  • Top Things to Do in Your Area
  • Ways to Prepare Your Home For Sale
  • Curb Appeal
  • Staging ideas
  • Guide to your city
  • Pet friendly locations
  • Gardening tips
  • Moving day tips
  • Things to do for free in your area

A word of warning – Please don’t fall in to the trap of posting all of your listings on Pinterest, or promoting your no sale no fee and free valuation offers. It still baffles me the number of agents that do this on Twitter and I urge you not to follow suit. 


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