The real value of a home

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One of the problems with property being considered such a good long term investment is that people become obsessed with stats and house price trends and knowing when is a good or bad time to buy. This factor has become almost a national obsession during the last few years and coupled with the newspapers ability to find contrasting good/bad news on an almost daily basis could have people forgetting the real reasons why we buy a home – to live in it!

In response to this, American real estate agent Coldwell Banker have produced a fantastic television advert about the real value of a home and I hope you will not only enjoy watching it and maybe think of ways that your agency can translate this message to those buying and selling in your area.

They have also created some shorter videos that talk about some of the things that make a house a home (KidsBackyards andPets) and a smart infographic.


You can’t help but smile and admire the style and delivery but I think just as important and relevant is the clever and well thought out message that we can all take something from.

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