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It’s always interesting to see new apps that make people’s lives easier and this new taxi app caught our attention as an innovative app with some clever add ons.

It takes something relatively simple, ordering a taxi, and makes it an even simpler and possibly more enjoyable experience with a few additional extras for convenience.

With the GetTaxi mobile app you can order a taxi at the click of a button. No phone calls necessary – ordering is instant and you don’t need to leave Starbucks to flag down a taxi, but can wait inside until you see it arrive on your in app map.

The app also allows you to see drivers contact details and effectively adds a layer of safety to your bookings and putting you in control.When you order the taxi you are given an estimated arrival time and the additional extras include paying for rides instantly from within the app by credit card or vouchers plus you can have your invoices emailed to you to help with managing your business expenses.

So why a post about a taxi app on a property innovations web site? Well, we think it’s a really good example of a firm innovating with apps, not just ticking the standard boxes, but creating something genuinely worthwhile. There are loads of Taxi apps, but this one is a little bit different.

I’m sorry to say that within the property industry most of the property apps are the same. There has been very little app innovation and the same features we saw in 2010 are being rolled out in every new app with seemingly no thought for making something innovative and of real value for users.

If you’re an estate agent and want to create an app for your customers, think about what you can provide for them that is a bit different and that they will find genuinely useful, rather than just following the standard off the shelf format that everyone else has.

Sometimes by looking outside our industry our eyes can be open to new ways of serving the customer and just maybe there will soon be some new ideas to break the current rot in property apps.





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