Can you list a property in 300 seconds whilst on the go?

| August 5, 2013 | 0 Comments

A new listing app is being tested among agents which claims to do the job within five minutes, allowing agents to list a property from their mobile phones 


The iPhone app, launched by Wigwamm, is said to create professional property listings within a few taps.

We’re not sure how pracitcal it is to do a full property listing on your phone,  but when you consider the success of the eBay phone app who have had well over 100 million items listed via their app, it’s easy to see how it could take off.

Founder Rayhan Rafiq Omar said: “The app is so simple and doesn’t require agents to type out descriptions. Everything is covered quickly and accurately.”

Believed to cost around £45 per branch per month, the app is being launched in beta mode and is apparently being tried out by around 30 agents right now.

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