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This is my extended twitter bio to tell you a bit more about how and why I tweet. If you’ve come from my twitter page then thanks for wanting to find out more about me.  If you’ve stumbled here by mistake, please read on and hopefully you will decide to follow me.

twitter home pageI tweet about Property, Social Media, Marketing, Estate Agents and business strategy

I tweet links to my new blog posts

I tweet about new and existing clients

Occasionally I tweet random stuff

I retweet other blog posts or news I find interesting or useful and I think others will too (DJ’ing)

I don’t tweet on politics or what I had for breakfast

I’m not mad keen on followfriday – but occasionally I will join in if I’ve made a really good connection

If that sounds like your kind of tweets then I hope you will follow me and if you’d like to make direct contact then please do get in touch –

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